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Meet the Team

What We Are:


We arrange and provide for non-medical services to the senior population. Our goal is to avert or postpone their institutionalization. Services allow seniors to retain their normal home environment while recovering in a clean, safe, comfortable and familiar setting.


We strive to arrange and provide for the highest quality services available to aid in the recovery process. In reality, recovery is a process that usually requires intensive and continuous service at the beginning and then a gradual reduction when the client is ready to perform or assume activities on their own.


We arrange and provide for community based, quality Home Care Services to promote rapid and sustained recovery of clients. By scrutinizing the background and experience of caregivers, we provide the best personnel available. Americare Home Care Services Inc. works in a collaborative manner with its producers and caregivers to provide individual personalized services to clients, to achieve their peace of mind, safety and comfort.


What We Are Not:


We are not an insurance company. We do not reimburse clients for services. We arrange and provide for non-medical services by negotiating agreements with caregivers. All agreements with caregivers are based on an hourly rate and paid by Americare Home Care Services, Inc.

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