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We arrange and provide for non-medical services to the senior population. Services allow seniors to retain their normal home environment while recovering in a clean, safe, comfortable and familiar setting.

Home Care Services can be provided to you without prior hospitalization.





  • Cooking


  • Dressing


  • Eating


  • Grooming


  • Laundry


  • Housekeeping


  • Bathing


  • Bathroom Assistance


  • Help with Medication and Mobility

  • Transportation (Where Available)


MISCELLANEOUS: Upon request, we will arrange for routine pet care and other assistance at the time other services are being provided.



Home care services are provided through carefully screened, honest and dedicated caregivers who have had special training and a criminal background check. Should you be dissatisfied with your individual caregiver a replacement will be made at your request.


Americare Home Care Services, Inc.

is a member of

NAHCNational Association for Home Care and Hospice

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