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No Health Underwriting
No Questions
No Age Limits

Why Americare Home Care?

Are you considering your future home care needs? Let us introduce you to Americare. Unlike traditional home health care insurance, Americare contracts offer the flexibility and security to age in place longer, without stress.


We understand that home care costs can increase as your needs grow. That's why our plans allow you to purchase home care hours in advance, on a pre-need basis ensuring you can afford the care you deserve.


With Americare, you won't have to worry about isolation, nutrition, or household chores. Instead, you'll enjoy support with your regular activities while preserving your independence and privacy in your own home.

Take control of your future today with Americare. Plan now and ensure your comfort for the coming years!

"I would highly recommend this type of service to keep you or a loved one home"

Esther M. Hartman

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